Classrooms equipped with state-of-the-art technological advancements provide maximum exposure to the students and challenge the teachers to do better than their best. All the classrooms are spaciously structured to allow ample amount of natural light to awaken the mind of the young learners. Lockers are provided to each and every student to store his or her belongings safely in an orderly manner, which will go a long way to drastically reduce the weight of the traditional school bag.

The Smart Classrooms with audio-visual aids help to amplify the engagement and participation of students within the classroom, thereby giving them a very interactive learning experience, blending real time teaching with visually striking aids. Activity Based Coaching is all what the skill enhancement endeavour at EPS is all about. The approach to learning stems from an array of activities and practical reinforcements that will help the kids to understand the depth of each and every new idea they get exposed to. A specially crafted Indoor Play Area for Kindergarten Students ensures development of social skills, physical fitness and encourages the flow of their budding creativity.

Dining – EPS Meals and Snacks

The nutrition scheme plans out a richly laid out and yet healthy dining experience with well balanced and wholesome meals and evening snacks for all the students. We ensure that every food item comes from hygienic kitchens prepared by experts in the field.


EPS has a Montessori lab: Subject-oriented and otherwise, providing a wide scope of learning for children and also advanced labs for quintessential subjects like Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Languages.


The Library is well-stacked with a wide range of books encompassing fiction, non-fiction, biographies and reference, and guidance material for academic purposes as well. Apart from this, students also have the possibility of unlimited access to digital books to help raise high their learning curve.

Medical Facilities

A well-equipped infirmary with caring paramedical staff is available throughout the day for needy students to access, promoting a sense of safety and quickly tending to injuries that may arise.

Sports Grounds

The playgrounds, games pitches and courts are all set in standard measurements to ensure that the physical fitness of students goes hand in hand with a healthy competitive spirit that is needed to bring out the very best in them.

As Frank L.Gaines rightly says, “Only he who can see the invisible can do the impossible.” EPS values the idea of sports and the aspiration of all good-spirited sportsmen / sportswomen to do the impossible. It encourages them to stand by it and also supports them with all the supplementary facilities needed as well as the motivation to surge ahead.


A well networked transportation system that is highly convenient and safe is accessible for students of EPS. Every van fulfills government regulations and is accompanied with a helper. The transportation fee depends on the distance for the wards.


Swimming Pool

EPS houses a half Olympic-size standard Swimming Pool for middle school and a tailor-made Splash Pool for the Kindergarten Tiny Tots to indulge in, to supplement their curricular activities.


The Excel Campus has 2 ATMs within its well-guarded compound walls for the benefit of the students, staff, and parents alike, so that the need for liquid cash at any time can be met without the worry of having to keep money in one’s custody in advance. There is an additional ATM adjacent to the Main Gate of the Excel Group Institutions, to the right side, that helps to avoid rush or having to wait in a queue.


Convention Centre

Excel Group Institutions have a well-equipped Convention Centre with a seating capacity of over 2000 persons. The Excel Convention Centre is spacious, air-conditioned and has well a furnished Hall 25,375 sq. ft. in area with a stage measuring 30 x 98 ft. It has 12 fully-furnished suite rooms equipped with modern projection and audio system, and a fully air-conditioned Mini-Hall, measuring 8,729 sq. ft. in area. In addition to a Dining Hall, it has an open Car Parking Area that can accommodate 1000 cars. It is the most befitting forum in and around this area for exhibitions, fairs, conferences, events and the like. The latest and the most updated facilities add to the undeniable grandeur of any experience set to happen within the Centre’s space.