THE CURRICULUM (based on the New Education Policy – NEP)

EPS (Affliation Code : 1931547) follows the Syllabus of Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) providing equal opportunity to all students, integrating environmental education in various disciplines from the Early Learning Levels to Grade VII. It gives equal importance to scholastic and co-scholastic areas. It caters to Multiple Intelligence. In addition, the school offers a variety of value-based learning activities to inculcate moral and social values.

The Foundation Level at EPS – Pre-KG, LKG, UKG and Grades 1 to 2:

Our Early-Years Programme spans five years: Pre-Kindergarten, Lower Kindergarten, Upper Kindergarten and Grade 1 & 2 when the young child’s curiosity, creative as well as problem-solving skills are attended to and the confidence to approach new situations with acquired skills and independence is developed.

Our students acquire knowledge through joyful and creative activities in the class rooms, play-grounds and in the lap of Mother Nature. The children experience a warm and caring environment where they interact with their peers and their nurturing adults through a variety of activities. The activities and experiences provided to the students are designed to evoke their interest in learning, encouraging them to be creative and at the same time in a way that will satisfy their curiosity and discover the marvels of Mother Nature.

The Primary Programme – Grades 3, 4 & 5:

The essential goal of the Foundation Programme is to have each child become an independent learner while valuing the interdependence existing in the world during these five essential formative years of life. It offers a balance between learning about or through the subject areas, and learning beyond them.

Middle School Programme – Grades 6, 7 & 8:

Students in the 21st century are faced with the challenge of learning about an interconnected world where knowledge is constantly evolving. Realizing that knowledge is not static, the Middle School Programme seeks to uncover enduring understanding through a concept-driven and competency-based curriculum framework. The important features of this framework are the explicit teaching of the 21st Century Skills and the interlinked Life Skills for childhood period.

Theme-based Teaching encompasses the basics of Language, Arts, Mathematics, Social Sciences, Science, Computer Literacy, Art, Music and Physical Education. EPS educates students to excel academically as well as character-wise. Evaluation and progressive testing is an ongoing process that takes place throughout the year with daily class-room activities, periodic assessment, co-curricular activities, projects and home assignments as part of ongoing Assessment Strategies.

CO-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: ‘We are beyond Academics!’

Learning in Excel Public School (Affliation Code : 1931547) is not limited to the class rooms; instead it envisages a number of programmes and functions particularly aimed at providing an opportunity to the children to know the World, its cultures, to know Nature and develop a proper social outlook. We motivate the children to explore and experience, which is the most powerful method of learning. Emanating joy, this serves as a unique platform for the children to gain substantial knowledge with interest and to gain in-depth understanding about every fact they acquaint themselves with.

EPS’s Global Exposure

The School offers a unique blend of co-curricular activities for the overall development of the children. These activities are meticulously planned and the students are motivated to take them on at the appropriate phase of their physical as well as mental development. A great deal of focus is laid on an inclusive worldview which comprises cultural appropriation on a global scale. Cultivating the ability of children to identify perspectives to relate closely with the world is a speciality that we strive to inculcate in each child from a tender age.