Admission Process

Admission Process

Admission Procedure

We have a dedicated Admission Team, who will:

Guide you through the admission process
Provide individual campus tours, and
Answer questions about our schools and programmes.

The Admission Team will be looking forward to welcome you and your family into our extended educational family.

How to Apply
Visit our campus and fill in an enquiry form.
Participate in a discussion with the Admission Coordinator.
Fill in the Pre-Registration Form that will in due course make you receive a notification for a convenient date for a one-to-one interaction.
After successful completion of the Interaction, an interview will be held with both the parents and the child.
The registration is completed when you provide all the necessary documents and remit the appropriate fees, whereby the admission is guaranteed and confirmed.

The Application Form can be downloaded from the School Website The same is available at the School Office for those who wish to collect the same in person and the registration can be made using the same form.

The parents and guardians are to note that all admissions to all classes are based on an Aptitude Analysis conducted normally in the month of November of the preceding year at notified centres. The performance of the child in the Aptitude Analysis determines the additional input given to him/her during the course of the years that lie ahead. As for the Aptitude Analysis to higher classes, the mode of administration of the same shall be based on the CBSE Syllabus. Prior to the admission, the School Management may interact with the child in the presence of the parents/guardians.

Documents Required
Original Birth certificate or the Notary Attested copy of Birth Certificate
Transfer Certificate if moving in from a different school
Community Certificate
Six copies of the latest passport size photograph
Previous 2 years’ academic records (Progress Reports) along with the T.C. (wherever applicable)
Age Requirements

Class Applied for:




Grade 1

Grade 2

Grade 3

Grade 4

Grade 5

Grade 6

Minimum Age by June 1st of the year  in which admission is sought:

–    2 years and 6 months

–    3 years and 6 months

–    4 years and 6 months

–    5 years and 6 month

–    6 years and 6 months

–    7 years and 6 months

–    8 years and 6 months

–    9 years and 6 months

–    10 years and 6 months

School Houses
Student Clubs
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